CIS Tax Returns

As a CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) worker you were most likely taxed at 20% from source, meaning that if you have earned over the £11,500 tax threshold you will be entitled to a minimum tax rebate of £2,200. Money can also be claimed back on business-related expenses which increases your rebate. Allowable expenses include; work travel costs, essential tools and equipment, materials and general business costs such as stationery, marketing and accountancy fees.

90% of CIS workers that contact us are able to claim money back. Claims can be made for the previous 4 years and our average CIS tax refund is currently over £2,200.

We have partnered with CIS Tax Rebate Specialist to claim back the money back you deserve.

Your claim will be looked after by one of the CIS tax rebate specialists to ensure they maximise your return. They offer a no rebate, no fee service.

Claim your tax refund now