How can One Payroll Solutions help your business?

For agencies employing a contractor on a temporary basis, there are certain employment responsibilities. One Payroll Solutions take away the burden of liabilities of PAYE, holiday pay and sick pay along with all the administration. We have a rigorous and complaint process in place to ensure the Agency Worker Regulations are met.

All relevant tax and national insurance deductions are paid over to HMRC by One Payroll solutions.


• No set up or exit fees required to take advantage of our service
• Assurance that all legal obligations are met.
• Save valuable time in reduction of administrative requirements.
• Improved margins
• Confidence that contractors are paid on time.
• AWR guidance and Human resources support.

How can One Payroll Solutions help the individual contractor?

One Payroll Solutions gives contractors security of being an employee whilst retaining the freedom to work as an independent contractor.


• Competitive administration fee
• Insurance cover
• Reduced Admin
• Paid on time
• Retained holiday pay
• Continuous work
• Payslip history (that can be helpful when applying for loans)
• Claim back business related expense
• Human Resources support
• SMS update service for payment
• More take home pay
• Funds are paid with all PAYE deductions having been made, so there is no need to employ an accountant or complete tax returns