Thank you for choosing to subcontract to One Payroll Services Ltd. Registering with One Payroll could not be easier, we require you to follow these easy steps.

    1. Personal Details


    First Name:


    Date of Birth:





    Primary Telephone Number:

    Secondary Telephone Number:


    2. Work Details

    Job Title:

    National Insurance Number:

    Uniquie Tax Refrence Number (UTR):

    3. Payment Details

    Name of bank/building Society:

    Branch Location:

    Name of Account Holder:

    Sort Code:

    Account Number:

    Roll Number (if applicable):

    4. Agency Details

    Agency Name:

    Name of Consultant:

    Contact Telephone Number:

    Agency Start Date:


    5. Next of Kin Details

    Next of Kin Name:

    Home Telephone Number:

    Mobile Number:


    6. Contract for Services

    I have read and agree to the contract for the provision of specialist serviceshere


    7. Eligibility to Work in the UK

    We require an Eligibility to Work document to confirm you are eligible to work in the UK.

      Please provide:
    • Your original passport or a photocopy countersigned by a professional or manger. Photocopies must clear. The person countersigning your document must state their full name, job title, date and sign or

    • A national identity card photocopy countersigned by a professional or manger. or

    If you do not have a passport and you are a British citizen please provide the following

    • A full birth certificate and a recent HMRC document.

    For non EU citizens please provide a copy of your passport and permit to work in UK.


    File Upload:

    File Upload:

    Max file size:4MB

    8. Data Protection

    We will only share your data with third parties if we have your specific consent to do so. The only exception to this is where we are required to disclose your information by law. For further information on how the company uses your data please revert to our Privacy Notice.

    I have read and agree to the consent formhere


    9. Declaration

    I have read, agreed and signed the Contract for Services with One Payroll Services Ltd. I confirm that I am truly self-employed. I declare that all the information I have provided is correct. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform One Payroll Services Ltd of any changes in my details and that this must be in writing, giving 7 days notice. I also understand that if I have provided information to receiving payment into a third party bank account, One Payroll Services cannot be held responsible for any payments to the nominated account. I accept the benefits package including insurance unless I provide a valid policy in my name.

    Please note the following:

    • We cannot make payments under CIS without all relevant documents and forms.

    • You will usually be paid on Friday before 5pm

    • We will issue weekly ‘Remittance advice’ which you must keep in a safe place because you will need them to complete your end of year tax return.

    Remember, if you are low on phone credits, we can always call you back or you can send us an SMS. If you have any queries please contact our office on 01707 828048 or 07951417259.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing to subcontract with One Payroll Services Ltd.

    Self Employed Questionnaire

    Please also fill this form out before submitting

    Please state the type of work you do

    Prior to contracting with One Payroll Services how many other contracts have you undertaken in the last year:

    1 You understand that you are not entitled to any sick pay?


    2 You understand that you are not entitled to any holiday pay?


    3 You understand you are not entitled to a company pension scheme?


    4 There is no obligation for you to take ongoing work from One Payroll Services or another contractor?


    5 You understand you are not entitled to be paid for work cancelled due to bad weather?


    6 You are entitled to terminate an assignment at any time?


    7 You are entitled to work on more than one assignment at any time if you want to?


    8 Upon receiving instructions of the assignment, you are able to determine the method in which you are able to perform your services?


    9 You are able to perform your services unsupervised and nobody has the right to supervise, direct or control you (even if they do not use that right)?


    10 You are responsible for the standard of the work that you perform and nobody else has the right to review your work (other than for standard quality control checks or checks on completion)?


    11 You are responsible for repeating the job at your own cost if your work is not considered to be of the required standard?


    12 You are able to determine when, how and where to perform your services and no other party has the right (even if they do not use it) to override your decision?


    13 You can refuse to move to work on another job?


    14 You are responsible for all your own expenses in relation to travelling to work and/or overnight accommodation?


    15 You provide your own minor items of equipment and/or tools of the trade to carry out your work?


    16 You are required to pay your own National Insurance?


    17 You are required to complete an annual Self-Assessment Tax return?


    Contract for the Provision of Specialist Services
    Privacy Notice