Please state the type of work you do

Prior to contracting with One Payroll Services how many other contracts have you undertaken in the last year:

1 You understand you are not entitled to any sick pay? Yes No 
2 You understand you are not entitled to any holiday pay? Yes No 
3 You understand you are not entitled to company pension scheme? Yes No 
4 There is no obligation for you to take ongoing work from One Payroll Services or another contractor, or ongoing work? Yes No 
5 You understand you are not entitled to pay for work cancelled due to bad weather? Yes No 
6 Are you entitled to terminate an assignment? Yes No 
7 Are you entitled if you wanted to work on more than one assignment at any time? Yes No 
8 Upon receiving instructions of the assignment, are you able to determine the method in which you are able to perform your services? Yes No 
9 Are you able to perform your services unsupervised? Yes No 
10 Are you responsible for all your own expenses in relation to travelling to work and/or overnight accommodation? Yes No 
11 Do you provide your own minor items of equipment and/or tools of the trade to carry out your work? Yes No 
12 Are you required to pay your own National Insurance? Yes No 
13 Are you required to complete an annual Self Assessment Tax return? Yes No